Tuesday, October 05, 2010

And the Puking Begins......

Queasy, check.

Lightheaded, check.
Sometimes, it comes in the most unopportuned moments (like working) and I've learned if I closed my eyes, the world will pausily stop spinning at least until I open them back up again. The puking, is a whole other monster that I don't seem to remember from the first go-round, but that's not saying much considering I don't remember much of anything these days. Why do they call it morning sickness anyway when the stupid thing can hit you any time of the day, or worse, last the whole day! I met my fate yesterday in the girl's bathroom, and some good samaritan offered some saltine crackers and Sprite. So guess what I stocked up on during lunch......

Luckily, my work is pretty understanding when it comes to these uncontrollable spikes of estrogen and I suspect they're going to be pretty easy to work with for the rest of the pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I worked up until the day before I delivered, and unless something dramatically changes with this one, I would imagine I would working until this little peanut decides to pop out sometime next May.

Had our follow up appointment with the doc last week. He confirmed the due date from the ultrasound and stressed that I take it easy and to take time off work if I felt the need. Blood pressure was a little high, but nothing to be concerned at this point. We're waiting on the results from the blood work to see if we're gonna have to monitor the gestational diabetes a little earlier this go-round.

Fingers crossed!


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Laureen said...

congrats anna on the upcoming baby. hope you feel better soon


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