Thursday, September 07, 2006

That's so 2 days ago.....

If Ethan were to start reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at 7.5 months old, you wouldn't know it until he was probably 1. That's how behind I am with my "blogging", which is a shame seeing as I have friends and family who count on my daily rants here to update them on my baby's growing up hooplas.

That's just it! It's like he's growing up so fast.... and every single day he does something so fascinating that I seem to forget (or ignore, either one) to write about yesterday or the day before's fascinating thing. I can't keep up!

So herein is a "quick" rundown... I'm not making any promises, but I intend to get better!

For so many months, it felt like Ethan didn't do much but eat, sleep and poop. But now things are different. Almost every day, I notice something new. Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor trying to introduce him to all the new "developmental" toys mommy picked up from the store, and all he wanted to do was climb right up my chest like the small monkey he is... bouncing and giggling along the way. Mostly, he just wants to stand up. He'll almost always look for your hands/arms to support him. He's gotten really good at holding onto things and even pulling himself up. But he's also getting to a point where he gets cocky and lets go, thinking he can do it by himself. Trying to be independent already??

So yesterday, my baby got in a fight (and lost) at daycare which sent him home with a bruised lip. Apparently, he was trying to pull up on one of the shelves at daycare (probably trying to reach for a toy) and hit his face when he lost his grip. I calmly shrugged it off when the daycare teacher handed me an "injury report". She even apologized and said she tried to ice his lip, but Ethan just didn't want any part of that. He just wanted to keep playing. Truthfully, I'm a little surprised he's lasted this long to get something bruised... That boy had been pulling up and lunging bravely at things, that more often his face ends up planting on the ground. His rebound is so short though, that by the time he realizes he got hurt, he's already ready to move on to better things.

Oh and as of last Sunday, he is now officially crawling forward!!!!!!! None of that scooting backwards bs... which (and I have to say this as a proud mama) was still cute especially when he unexpectedly backed himself into a corner and couldn't figure out what to do. Now, he's ALL OVER THE PLACE.. which sent me and Mike on a much needed trip to Walmart to pick up some safety gates. We were so excited, that after driving back down from Ohio for 4 hours, mommy and daddy spent hours of musical furniture in the living room (including a VERY heavy 32 inch television), trying to figure out the best set up that will give Ethan the most playroom.

This is an especially exciting milestone for him at daycare, because now he can get to the toys that he want unassisted. He doesn't have to watch the other mobile babies longingly anymore, because he's one of them now! (Hence, yesterday's shelf incident...)

Sometimes, I tease Ethan to wait until he's home or on the weekend before he does anything new. But I can't help to be selfish, can I?

Monday, September 04, 2006


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