Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ethan Learns How to Ride after 2 Lessons!!

5 days ago, we took Ethan's training wheels off for the first time and had to come up with some creative encouragement to convince Ethan to TRY......... just TRY.... riding his bike on two wheels.

Mike and I figured we'd take turns with holding the seat, it was less strain on my back because I'm apparently closer to the ground. It was at least good exercise for us having to run after him up and down the street.

Yesterday, we figured we'd try again.... still got some resistance from Ethan, but we eventually got him on the bike.

And within 10 minutes, he was off by himself!!!!!!!!!!


We couldn't believe it!

The look on my face when I first let go of the seat


Ethan's first ride with daddy

AND........ I'm pretty proud to report....... he learned with no scratches/bruises to boot!


Joana said...

GAHHH !!! THAT'S SOOO COOOOOOL !! mannn, I didn't learn until I was like 9 !!! next thing you know he'll want a $3,000 bike like his daddy !! uhhh--ohhh

Madison said...

Wow, you sound like a great family.


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